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The East Boston YMCA is a pillar in the community, and provides an array of classes and services.

One of the coolest parts of the YMCA is that they have a teaching kitchen!

The teaching kitchen serves as a space for the community to learn about and experience cooking. This summer, every week teens come in to the kitchen and learn to cook healthy, nutrient-dense recipes. We also learn nutrition fundamentals and create healthier recipes of dishes they love and are familiar.


Cooking & Yoga

This Summer students participated in a class called "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body." This class combined yoga, meditation, nutrition and cooking, and was offered to teens from East Boston. 

This class meets for three hours once a week, but the class does not end there. Students continue the work throughout the week by teaching what they learned to their families and friends, as well as continuing to practice healthy eating and living habits at home. 

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