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Eastie Farm

In 2015 Monica and Kannan sat down at the cafe and decided to apply for temporary use of an empty lot in the neighborhood to turn it in to a community-run organic farm.

Since then, Eastie Farm has established itself as a non-profit and is a pillar in our communities health. We are continuing to expand our work beyond our first location and welcome volunteers and educators to come learn about the farm and help us continue to grow food and build community. 


Urban Farming

Eastie Farm's mission is "growing food and building community." We do this through providing a space for community members to grow and learn. 

This year we have had more educational programs than ever, hosting dozens of students and educators at the space to learn about farming and participate in farming, tasting and cooking from the farm. 

As we move in to our third year of operation, Eastie Farm is dedicated to expanding our educational programming and continuing to support our neighbors who treasure this green oasis in the community. 

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