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Positive Changes


La Sanghita Cafe

“Let they food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

This concept is central to our vision: creating spaces where people can come together to learn about, experience and celebrate the power of healthy food, which nourishes the body and mind.

Sanghita was a health haven in the East Boston community, a place where customers could explore what health means to them and discover how healthy, mindful eating can positively affect their lives. Customers also discovered that veganism and healthy eating sacrifices neither taste nor satisfaction.  

Although we are no longer in the same space, we continue to host cooking classes and community events.



Tawakal Halal Cafe will be reopening in East Boston, this time in Jeffries Point. Tawakal is a Somali restaurant opening Fall 2018, which will focus on creating a space that welcomes all people and serves delicious and affordable Somali food.


We are thrilled that Tawakal will be incorporating some of our dishes and you will be able to find some of our "sanghita specials" like the veggie burger at the cafe! 

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