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Health  Happiness  Peace

We all deserve health, happiness and peace.

We spend our lives looking for these three aspects of our lives to come together. After finding that balance in my life, I started La Sanghita Cafe, to help others find them too. 

After having to close the cafe for financial reasons, I now focus on community partnerships that allow me to teach, guide and create space for mindfulnesses through nutritious cooking and eating.


Food is Medicine

Over half of all American adults have one or more preventable chronic diseases related to poor quality diet. What we've learned at La Sanghita through our years of experience and experimentation is that the solution truly lies in the problem. Diseases can be treated and even prevented with a nutrient-dense diet, let us show you how!


La Sanghita

In Sanskrit, "sangha" means meditation community, and in Spanish, adding "-ita" to the end of a word makes it small. Therefore, "La Sanghita" translates as a small, meditation community, which is the core of who we are - a small organization dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our community through serving nutritious and delicious organic food, educating customers on the benefits of a plant-based diet and providing a space for customers to practice mindful living.


Personal Chef

I love serving as personal chef for others and bringing the La Sanghita philosophy into new kitchens. Inquire below for my availability and let me know how I can help you as your personal chef.

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