We're very sad to announce that we will be closed for the month of August and possibly September.

Below is a letter explaining our closing.


Estamos muy tristes de anunciar que estaremos cerrados para Agosto y tal vez Septiembre.  

Aqui esta la carta explicando nuestra cerramiento. 

August 1, 2016


Dear Community,


Starting today, La Sanghita Café will temporarily be closed.  We hope to reopen October 1st as a sustainable, cooperatively owned business that promotes health, happiness and peace in our community.  I want to share our reasons for closing, and ask for your help to reopen.


For the past two years, I have tried to do the impossible: serve healthy, locally sourced, organic vegan and vegetarian food affordably, with a small startup budget and very little experience in the food industry.


I drastically underestimated how expensive it is to run a restaurant, but I was determined with my mission and put all of my resources in to making the café run. I bought used and recycled equipment and began running the café with all of my savings, some financial help from friends and family, and an incredible staff who has worked tirelessly to make Sanghita run. And we’ve been running! Until now.


A few months ago our air conditioner broke. And then our main blender. Then our toaster. And our freezer. And our oven! We literally are not able to function any more until we fix and/or replace our equipment.  Replacing equipment also gives us the opportunity to redesign our space to be as efficient as possible, as well as sustainable and ecofriendly.


However, it’s not just the equipment. Poor planning and lack of systems have lead to instability, and it would be irresponsible to our customers and workers to continue running the café. In order to become a worker-owned cooperative we must first become sustainable and profitable so that the workers can build equity is a stable business. I look forward to being able to offer pathways to ownership of Sanghita as a profitable and democratically run business.


Over the next two months, we will focus on our goals of becoming sustainable, raise wages, and becoming a worker-owned cooperative.  I hope you will join us on this journey as we redesign, restructure and reorganize our business to live up to it’s vision of healing our community through food and cooperation.


Our most urgent need right now in order to reopen is new equipment. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you soon.


In cooperation,











Empowerment Empoderamiento

Mindfulness Atencion Plena

Nutritious Vegetables Vegetales Nutritivos

Why the Name Sanghita


In Sanskrit, "sangha" means meditation community, and in Spanish, adding "-ita" to the end of a word makes it small. Therefore, "La Sanghita" translates as a small, meditation community, which is the core of who we are - a small cafe dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our community through serving nutritious and delicious organic food, educating customers on the benefits of a plant-based diet and providing a space for customers to practice mindful living.


Meditation is practiced not just sitting on a cushion. It is a way of living with presence in the world whether you are eating, cooking, or speaking. Through bilingual community events such as health nights, book clubs, networking events and cooking classes, we will give patrons the tools and support they need to live more mindful and fulfilling lives.



Check out our sister organization The East Boston Meditation Center. EBMC is also community centered, and sells Sanghita food for lunch Monday through Friday.

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