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Why the Name Sanghita


In Sanskrit, "sangha" means meditation community, and in Spanish, adding "-ita" to the end of a word makes it small. Therefore, "La Sanghita" translates as a small, meditation community, which is the core of who we are - a small cafe dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our community through serving nutritious and delicious organic food, educating customers on the benefits of a plant-based diet and providing a space for customers to practice mindful living.


Meditation is practiced not just sitting on a cushion. It is a way of living with presence in the world whether you are eating, cooking, or speaking. Through bilingual community events such as health nights, book clubs, networking events and cooking classes, we will give patrons the tools and support they need to live more mindful and fulfilling lives.



Check out our sister organization The East Boston Meditation Center. EBMC is also community centered, and sells Sanghita food for lunch Monday through Friday.

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